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chillyzgrrlsimsouttakes asked: Hi. Trying to install your 6 Alien Skins, but I can't find it in the game? Amy I looking in the wrong place for it?and what do you mean by The Original skin?

The original skin is the grey one, so if u want any of the other colours u also need the grey one for it to show up in skin details as a new slot

Anonymous asked: Your alien skin pack is really great looking! I downloaded the package file and installed it into my Mods folder. Where do these skins appear? I've checked every option and I have nothing under skins or skin details. This is the only skin I have installed.

its in skin details, u have to put all the packages in your mod folder so a new slot with it will appear (:

Anonymous asked: hey, i love your sims! can you tell me where you got those dots underneath the eyes of the sim with the wild light brown side parted hair you posted a couple weeks ago?

It’s edited on Photoshop love, but I might do it as makeup for Sims :)

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This cutie..

[Overlay Blushes]

*made it as an overlay so u can use another blush on top if u want (:*


Skin Detail (Lip mole)

By XixuChan

Download Here!

[Full Freckles]


Skin Detail (mouth crease)

By XixuChan

Download Here!


Im so sorry i havent been updating! i’ve been so busy with school and i have lots of stuff to do, i finally got around to try to edit sims 4 meshes and i made something pretty basic today, i might post something tomorow for u guys (:

Anonymous asked: What do you use to edit those photos? They look amazing!

Photoshop cs6

Raw vs Edited

Anonymous asked: i like the pink alien skin but it makes the glasses accessories pink too?

its because its an overlay love, its not fixable yet (not that i know of) im really sorry